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We are currently seeking submissions that address central issues and challenges affecting contemporary television including some of the following areas:

  • The social and cultural purposes of television today.
  • Changing production, consumption and distribution practices and indeed the very meaning of ‘television’ in a digital age.
  • Funding and regulation of public service platforms and their content together with broader questions of regulation to secure public service across the UK TV landscape.
  • The representation of UK citizens in the television landscape in terms of ethnicity, gender, nationality and class.
  • The performance of specific public service genres, including current affairs, drama, news and sport.
  • Reflections on ‘quality’ – does the UK still make ‘the best TV in the world’?
  • The contribution of non-public service content providers to public service output.


Submission Guidelines


  • Up to 2000 words
  • A single document
  • Formats include doc, docx, rtf, txt, but not PDF


  • Identifies key problems of the specific topic related to the overall brief
  • Highlights relevant research where possible
  • Suggests 3 or 4 key recommendations to secure independent public service television

Please email your submissions to