'We will be moving to an internet-fit BBC, to be ready for an internet-only world whenever it comes'


The BBC’s submission positions itself within the UK TV sector market, outlines its substantial and consistent contribution to the creative economy and identifies key challenges facing public service broadcasting in the 21st century. In order to secure a strong, open and independent BBC, the submission argues that PSB regulatory framework needs to be reformed, including enabling more effective access and prominence of the publicly-funded content.

BBC evidence

Five Arguments About the BBC

Ellis, John

The BBC as ‘a unique public sector cultural organisation’, according to John Ellis (Royal Holloway, University of London), and broadcasting is no longer the only way of carrying out its mission to inform, educate and entertain. ‘If the BBC genuinely believes that TV will migrate online – which after all is the rationale for BBC3 a a broadcast service’, Ellis argues, the next obvious stage is linking licence fee to i-Player and not broadcasting.

John Ellis

Online challenges for public service television in a digital age

Thorsen, Einar

According to Einar Thorsen (Bournemouth University) the freedom to innovate is one of the core purposes of public service television. Focusing on the BBC’s contribution to digital and multi-platform media, Thorsen argues for strengthening of the commitment and inclusion of web and mobile platforms in the delivery of public service.

Einar Thorsen

Putting Citizens First: Public Service Television and Civic Engagement

Jackson, Dan

Dan Jackson (Bournemouth University) recognises the lasting need for public service values in the broadcasting environment which specifically puts citizens first. Focusing on TV news as a genre that most directly addresses ‘the world in which citizens operate’, Jackson argues for ownership and regulatory interventions that can protect news organisations from market pressures.

Dan Jackson

Changing TV ecology - an opportunity for a stronger public service provision

Foster, Robin

Robin Foster (an adviser on strategy, policy and regulation in the media and communications sectors) argues that a changing television ecology can be seen as an opportunity to stabilise and even improve public service television, if a new leaner and less centralised approach is applied.

Robin Foster